Volume Lashes Course Katoomba


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If you are searching for a class that will successfully teach you true handmade Volume correctly, this class is for you!
There is nothing like the beauty of True Volume and here at Madame Lash Academy, we will not only teach you many ways to create the perfect fan, but also how the technique can be adjusted to many different clientele.
  • A client wanting more Volume
  • A client that has a delicate lash-line
  • A client that wants to highlight her best features
  • A client wanting to be subtle
  • A client wanting to downplay a feature
You are ready to enter our Volume Class when you can;
  • Isolate confidently or
  • Have completed SHMUP-001 Apply Eyelash Extensions or
  • Another informative Classic Class 
If you have never had any experience then we suggest you begin with our Classic Fundamental Course before entering Volume as this course is for someone that has experience in Eyelash Extensions.
Learning the skill or art of applying Volume Eyelash Extensions can be overwhelming, not only is there so much to learn, but micro-movements that require fine skill, strength, and patience.
A successful Eyelash Artist requires education that can lead them confidently from the very beginning, a lot of our students have come from other classes that have cut corners and rushed a class to save money, only to end up spending more money to re-learn and break the bad habits they have picked up along the way.
Therese and the team will be there with you every step of the way and we will teach you, inspire you, support you in every aspect of not only applying Volume Eyelash Extensions but how to dress a client correctly!
Are you ready to learn;
  • Health and Safety
  • History of Volume Eyelash Extensions
  • Theory of Volume Eyelash Application
  • Prepping your treatment room
  • Contra-indications and Considerations
  • Client Consult
  • Tool requirements
  • Environment
  • Mapping skills
  • Application Techniques
  • 2 D Application
  • 3-4 D Application
  • 5-6 D Application
  • Face and Eyeshapes
  • Styling and Mapping to suit
Along with what you need to do, to begin and successfully run a business.
How much to charge and knowing your self-worth, how to market and launch your incredible new treatment service.
Please know that Therese and the team recognise that everyone learns at a different pace, and we are experts in acknowledging and finding another way of explaining and demonstrating.
We aim to provide our students with a friendly, supportive and flexible learning environment.
We are committed, experienced, and highly trained to ensure every student makes the most of their studies.
You will become a valued member of our private  FAMILY, this private network group is essential to connect to other lash stylists who will encourage and offer further mentoring, somewhere you can confidently go to ask questions and share your successes.
We recognise that customer expectations and trends are constantly changing. We work alongside these changes incorporating new teaching materials and technologies into our delivery and methods, providing the most advanced products and training in the world.
Lash Sublime training is conducted in a hygienic environment where health and safety is a priority. 
On successful completion of this course, you will receive a Lash Sublime certificate of completion.
Day One
9.30 am – 5 pm
Day Two
9.30 am – 4 pm 
Day Three
9.30 am – 4 pm

Sep 27 – Sep 29, Oct 25 – Oct 27, Nov 22 – Nov 24